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Pay Award FAQ’s

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached some further information relating to today’s pay announcement.


In real terms, the following may help in terms of understanding the approximate impact of the pay award on take home salaries.

(Figures are after tax, national insurance, and pension contributions have been accounted for and are based on an ‘average’ officer, with average pension contributions, assumed to apply to the consolidated increase, but not the unconsolidated).


Actual real term figures:

Average basic salary all fed ranks                                                         £517 extra in take home pay, yearly (less than £10 a week)

Average total pay all fed ranks (so includes overtime etc)                 £588 extra in take home, yearly


Average basic salary Constables                – £491 extra in take home, yearly

Average total pay Constables                     – £562 extra take home yearly

FAQs on the non-consolidated pay award CLICK HERE

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