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Serving Members – Important Information


This website is a summary only. The benefits are subject to certain exclusions and policy conditions not stated in this website which in the event of a claim will be applicable. The benefits are provided strictly under the terms of the insurance policies taken out by the trustees of the scheme. Subscription to the scheme entitles the member to the benefits provided by the scheme but confers no ownership of any of the underlying policies which are vested in the trustees. The trustees retain the full policy wording detailing all benefits and exclusions which may be viewed on request to the Federation Office.

Applying to Join

Serving officers can apply to join the scheme at any time by completing a medical underwriting application form which is available from the Federation Office. The first three monthly subscriptions are free of charge when joining the scheme for the first time. New probationary recruits to the police service may join the scheme without the need for the completion of the medical underwriting application form and their first 104 weeks of service are free of charge. Where two serving officers with Dorset Police are cohabiting partners and are both members of the scheme a discount is available. The Federation and/or Philip Williams & Co reserve the right to decline any applications.

Cohabiting Partner Extensions

Any cohabiting partner extension will cease when the member or cohabiting partner reach 65 years of age whichever is the sooner. Any cohabiting partner cover and/or extension will cease when the member ceases to be a member of the scheme.

Career breaks, maternity leave, secondment or living overseas

Those going on a career break, maternity leave, secondment or are living overseas must contact the Federation Office to identify if cover can be maintained.

Retirement from the Police Service

Serving officers upon retirement from Dorset Police may remain in the scheme as a retired member by submitting a completed membership continuation form to the Federation Office prior to retirement. Individuals are not eligible to join the scheme after their retirement date.

Transfer, resignation or dismissal

Serving officers who transfer, resign or are dismissed from the police service are not eligible to remain in the scheme and all membership and benefits will cease including any cohabiting partner extension.

Subscription collection

Subscriptions are collected monthly by deduction direct from salary/pension unless that is not possible when alternative arrangements may be agreed. Monthly subscription payments must be maintained in order to remain a member of the scheme and to qualify for any benefits.


A list of the insurers is available on request. Full policy wordings for certain policy sections are available to download via QR codes. These may also be available at the Federation Office, on the Federation Website or by visiting the Group Scheme section of www.philipwilliams.co.uk

How to cancel your cover

In the event that you need to cancel your cover please contact the Federation Office.

Complaints Procedure

The Federation Insurance Scheme is arranged on behalf of the trustees by Philip Williams and Company who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 308860). The trustees are responsible for organising the policies and dealing with the insurance broker. Any complaints about any aspect of the scheme should in the first instance be directed to the Federation Office. The insurance broker will then be asked to investigate the complaint and resolve any matter either via the Federation Office, directly with the member, or through the appropriate underwriting organisation. Please contact the Federation Office by telephone 01305 223 732 or write giving details of your complaint to: Dorset Police Federation, Police Headquarters, Winfrith, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8DZ. Should you remain dissatisfied then you may ask the Financial Ombudsman to investigate your complaint. Please contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by telephoning 0300 123 9123 or by downloading the complaint form from www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk


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