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Application Notes

Please also see the ‘Important Information’ page.

  1. A separate application form must be completed for the cohabiting partner if the optional extension is taken out. Tick the ‘partner of serving member’ and add the rank, collar number, and name of the serving member. Compete the rest of the form with the partner’s details and both are required to sign the form in the relevant space provided;
  2. If the serving member and/or their cohabiting partner are unable to confirm the declaration on the application form, a fully underwritten application form with questions about medical history must be completed. Please contact the Federation Office to request the fully underwritten application form if required;
  3. If the serving member’s cohabiting partner is also a serving police officer with Dorset Police, it is highly recommended that both subscribe to the scheme in their own right in order to receive the full range of benefits;
  4. If the cohabiting partner is also a serving member in the scheme, the cohabiting partner extension is not available;
  5. Where two serving officers with Dorset Police are cohabiting partners and are both members of the scheme a discount is available. Please contact the Federation Office for details;
  6. When an application to increase the life insurance sum assured is made the sum assured for the cohabiting partner must not exceed that of the serving member;
  7. Any increase in the life insurance sum assured above the scheme standard rate will cease upon the serving member retiring from Dorset Police;
  8. Subscriptions are to be deducted monthly direct from salary. Notification will be published of any subscription increase or change in benefits that may occur from time to time;
  9. The first three monthly subscriptions are free of charge when joining the scheme for the first time;
  10. Subscriptions for new probationary recruits to the Police Service are free of charge for the first 104 weeks;
  11. Serving members upon retirement from Dorset Police may remain in the scheme as a retired member by submitting a completed membership continuation form to the Federation Office prior to retirement. Subscriptions are to be deducted monthly direct from pension. Individuals are not eligible to join the scheme after their retirement date and therefore membership and/or any optional cohabiting partner extension must have been accepted prior that date;
  12. Eligibility for the scheme ceases at 65 years of age and all membership and benefits will cease. If the cohabiting partner extension has been taken out then that cover will cease once the retired member or the cohabiting partner has reach 65 years of age whichever is the sooner;
  13. Serving members who transfer, resign or are dismissed from the police service are not eligible to remain in the scheme and all membership and benefits will cease, including any cohabiting partner extension;
  14. The benefits arranged under this insurance scheme are provided strictly under the terms of insurance policies taken out and owned by the Trust. Subscription to the scheme entitles the member to the benefits provided by the scheme but confers no ownership of any of the underlying policies which are vested in the Trustees. Copies of the policies are available to view by appointment at the Federation Office.


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