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Federation Christmas Gift



Yes you read the subject correctly, in your payslips this month you will find some money paid back to you from the Federation. In January 2014 Sir David Normington published a review conducted on Behalf of the Federation. This review made 36 recommendations and they have been worked on over the past 3 years. Recommendation 36 is as follows


Recommendation 36: There should be a 25 percent reduction in subscription levels for one year in 2015 financed by the reserves of the rank central committees. An extension of this one-off reduction should be reviewed for subsequent years on the basis of existing reserves, reserves in unpublished accounts, and an estate strategy once the reform package is complete.


Dorset together with a few other federations have been asking the centre what we are considering around recommendation 36 and unfortunately have been met with silence on the subject for nearly 3 years. We here in Dorset have looked at our finances and we could afford a one off payment of 25% on one years subscriptions back to our members. Our finances are on our website for all to see and have been for 3 years, the money we have is for the day to day running of the office and staff we employ, along with a small reserve held for larger expenses such as the recent “Cuts Have Consequences” campaign.


We have confirmed that the payment would be in the spirit of this recommendation and not fulfilling it, as it specifically states the money given back should come from the central committees. Gloucestershire Federation and Northampton Federation are or have done similar having worked closely with them, I know others are considering following our lead.


So on your payslip you will find 25% of your current subscription rate given back as a Christmas payment.


Enjoy the extra few pounds




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