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TELEPHONE: 01305 223732

Dorset Joint Branch Board (JBB)

Federation Representatives (workplace representatives) are elected by their fellow police officers every three years and represent their colleagues on a part-time basis fitting their activities in with their normal police duties. These Federation Representatives together form the Joint Branch Board (JBB).

The Joint Branch Board elect from their number a Chairman, Secretary and Discipline Liaison Officer who, while remaining serving police officers, become full-time Police Federation officials. In addition a number of other positions are elected for which the individuals conduct their role on a part-time basis alongside their other federation activities and normal police duties.


JBB Executive Officers

Post Rank Collar Name Telephone Email
Chairman PC 753 Tony TESTER 01305 223732 ttester@dorset.polfed.org
Secretary Sgt 868 Tony EGGLESTON 01305 223732 teggleston@dorset.polfed.org
Treasurer DC 1238 Adrian TURNER 01202 222163 aturner@dorset.polfed.org


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JBB Deputy Executive Officers

Post Rank Collar Name Telephone Email
Dep. Chair Insp 1839 Anna Harvey 01202 223732 aharvey@dorset.polfed.org
Dep. Secretary
Dep. Treasurer


JBB Liaison Officers

Post Rank Collar Name Telephone Email
Discipline PC 2667 Leila  WHITTLE 01202 223213 lwhittle@dorset.polfed.org
Equality Insp 1839 Anna HARVEY 01202 223732 aharvey@dorset.polfed.org
Prof. Dev.  
Policewomen Vacant


JBB Fund Trustees

Post Rank Collar Name Telephone Email
Trustee PC 1156 Phillip BILLINGTON 01303 226535 pbillington@dorset.polfed.org
Trustee Sgt 867 Martin DAVENPORT 01305 226674 mdavenport@dorset.polfed.org
Trustee Insp 1919 Shawn WHITLEY 01305 226873 swhitley@dorset.polfed.org