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Structure of the Police Federation of England & Wales


Each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales has a Joint Branch Board. These Joint Branch Boards act as the negotiation and consultative bodies when dealing with their force’s Chief Constable, senior management, and Police & Crime Commissioner, thus providing an effective link between ordinary police officers and their senior management.

In addition the Joint Branch Boards are the key focal point for support to individual members in all matters ranging from discipline to equality.

Each of the 43 Joint Branch Boards is part of one of the eight regions:


Region 6 (South West) Comprises: Avon & Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire.

Each region elects three members to represent them at a national level.


The Interim National Board (INB), formerly the Joint Central Committee (JCC), currently consists of the representatives from the regions, and is based at the Police Federation headquarters in Leatherhead, Surrey. The INB leads and runs the Police Federation at the national level and is its strategic driver. In future the National Board will be elected by the National Council, thus investing the Executive with its authority.

The INB elects from their number the national executive officers: the Chairman, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer together with their deputies. It is anticipated that in future the Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales will be elected by the whole membership on a ‘one member one vote’ basis.

The Interim National Council (INC) consists of the chairs and secretaries of each of the 43 Joint Branch Boards. The INC agrees the long-term strategy of the Police Federation, authorises the budget, and holds the INB to account.

Note: the Police Federation of England & Wales is reforming its structure and procedures following an Independent Review conducted by Sir David Normington GCB, which reported in January 2014 and was adopted by Conference in May 2014.