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Dorset JBB Accounts (2010 to 2015) – Summary


Dorset JBB Accounts (2010 to 2015) – Audited

Year (to 31 December)
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Note (1): Honoraria: definition – ‘a fee paid to a professional person in return for services carried out on a voluntary basis’. The Joint Branch Board (JBB) annually reviews the performance and work conducted by each federation representative and makes an award in accordance with its Honoraria Policy. This is to recognise such things as the work conducted outside of duty time, the loss of possible overtime payments, and the infringements on personal life. The maximum awarded to an ordinary representative is £600 per year (equivalent to £12 per week or 36 minutes overtime for the average constable per week).

Honoraria awards to Principal Officers are £1720 for Constables, £1440 for Sergeants and £850 for Inspectors. Principal Officers have an allowable bonus of up to 25% for evidenced exceptional performance. In addition some representatives, decline to accept the award.

Honoraria is changing to Additional Responsibility Payment (ARP) from April 2017 and will be awarded directly from the National Board, all recipients will responsible for their own tax liabilities.

Note (2): During 2010 a one off payment was made by the Dorset Police Federation to the national Police Federation of England & Wales to ensure that the national federation finances were on a sound footing. In addition the federation subscription was increased on 1 January 2011 because of the deficit in funding.

Note (3): The year-on-year reduction in subscribing members has reflected the reduction in police officer numbers within Dorset Police. The number of police officers who do not subscribe has remained consistently very low.

Note (4): Accounts are produced for the 12 months ending 31 December.

Note (5): Subscribing members reflects the figure as at 31 December.

Note (6): In future, under the Normington Report, it is anticipated that all funds will be held, controlled, and audited at a national level.

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